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Art Gallery at Rest

At Rest, we believe in supporting local and ethical artists and artisans. This is why we are also an art gallery. We exhibit beautiful art by local artists shown below.

Feedback from our clients and their continued support make us feel proud that we contribute to making them look and feel better. But we are more than a salon. We are part of a very special community, in the heart of Brighton & Hove.

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New Artists Autumn / Winter 2021

From 1st November 2021, you can find unique works of art at Rest by two incredible  local artists!


Aida is 24 years old and lives in Hove. Her work is currently in the Turner Prize 2021 exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry. 


She has severe special needs which affects all areas of life, especially communication. 

Aida was born in Bosnia just after the end of the Yugoslavian war. At birth she was placed directly into the Children’s Home in Sarajevo where she remained for the first five years of her life. 

Find out more and view Aida's art

Aida Purple West Pier Painting


Jacqueline Newman, known as Jacque,  is based in West Sussex.


"I am influenced by the desire to understand and communicate my emotions through my art. I’m interested in how I have experienced and responded to the myriad of physical feelings that accompany emotions like adoration, amusement, anger, awe, desire, fear, sadness.  I feel things crazy intense, which is a part of my experience being neurodiverse. ."

Find out more about Jacque


Featured at Rest

Since opening our doors in May 2019, we have loved displaying the work of talented local artists.

Each work of art at Rest adds to the salon atmosphere and our clients love to explore the detail within each piece.

Janet Brooke Art

Janet Brooke

Unique linoprints of Brighton scenes

Janet captures the urban environment in a unique way.

From her Brighton Studio, she produces screenprints and linocuts by hand in small editions.

Visit Janet's website

Rachel Norwood Art

Rachel Norwood

Mixed Medium

Rachel is a local artist working with a haunting mixed medium of litho print, photography and collages, using inspiration from nature. After suffering a period of ill health, Rachel turned to art to help herself heal. This is reflected in her thought provoking work.

Visit Rachel's Instagram page

Michael Wigley Art_edited.jpg

Michael Wigley

Unique paintings

Michael is a Brighton artist who has had a long varied and interesting career. His artwork conveys vivid emotional periods in his life and offers religious and social satire.

Visit  Michael's Instagram page

Want to exhibit your art at Rest?


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