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Celebrating 2 years of Rest Massage & Beauty

Rest opened its doors in May 2019, when we (Ruth and Marta) joined forces - two passionate and experienced therapists with combined experience of 20 years working in massage and beauty therapy in the local area.

We have created a neutral and contemporary salon, where we treat a multitude of clients.

More than a salon

Feedback from our clients and their continued support make us feel proud that we contribute to making them look and feel better. But we are more than a salon. We are part of a very special community, in the heart of Brighton & Hove.

At Rest, we believe in supporting local and ethical artists and artisans. This is why we are also an art gallery. To date we have exhibited beautiful art by local artists such as:

To celebrate 6 months of opening Rest Massage & Beauty, we held our first event ‘An Evening of Art & Fizz’ and enjoyed celebrating with friends and clients. This would have been the first of many events, had it not been for the Covid-19 pandemic. But we look forward to future events when it is safe to do so.

Supporting local schools

Recently we donated gift vouchers for raffles and auctions at:

  • Elm Grove Primary School - Brighton

  • Goldstone Primary School - Hove

  • Newick CE Primary School

Working within the community

We have worked with staff and patients at The Priory, Haywards Heath, as well as various businesses either in-situ or with a voucher scheme.

Surviving lockdowns 1, 2 and 3

No-one could have predicted that shortly after starting our journey at Rest, we would encounter a global pandemic and several enforced closures.

Here's what we got up to when it wasn't business as usual!

Neither of us could have got through these tough times without the support of the other - which is why we make such great business partners! You can read about how we joined forces here.

And lastly, we look back at the past and to the future with a little Q&A session:

Q&A with Ruth & Marta

Why are you passionate about what you do?


I love being able to help people whether it’s helping with anxiety, grief, stress, or a physical condition such as injury rehabilitation, muscular aches, or postural issues. I enjoy seeing the positive change in people as they go through their journey to a more pain free lifestyle.

I became interested in massage during a particularly stressful period at work and in my personal life. I found it amazing the effect that massage had on my body and mind, de-stressing and re-energising me. I want to share this experience with others.


As a beautician, I absolutely love the special contact I create with people. It's so important for me that all my clients feel comfortable with me. I tailored a very specific beauty treatments menu because I like to focus on what I love doing. After I started my career in waxing I quickly realised is not only waxing, it's also therapy for me and the client! The giggles are what I love the most.

I love helping people to feel better!


What is your most rewarding treatment to date?


I enjoy every treatment I do so it’s hard to pick just one! I often find helping clients with back problems very rewarding as they can be on-going issues which can cause clients a huge amount of discomfort and be very debilitating, but deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, stretching and trigger point therapy can be very powerful in helping ease lower back pain and make a big change in someone’s life.


Waxing is probably the most rewarding treatment for me. It might be a bit funny for some people, but this treatment allows me to have chats and giggles with clients. Also you can see results straight away. I also love doing pedicures - I absolutely love how good people feel after a pedicure. After a hot stone massage clients often say it's just like heaven and it feels so good when you can see someone enjoying the benefits of relaxation and rest.


What you want to develop next for treatments?


I am currently expanding our range of hand-made organic and vegan products including oils, balms, scrubs and moisturisers. We use them in our treatments and so many clients love them, that we decided to bottle them up!

During lockdown, I supported some clients online with managing back-pain, so I am also looking at developing videos for people that are still unable to make it to the salon.


I have just invested in a new pedicure chair and clients love it! I also expanded treatments for men, introducing a broader range of hair removal treatments.


Where do you see yourself in 2 years’ time?


That’s a tricky one! If nothing else, this last 12 months has taught me to live in the moment more and enjoy the present. It’s very hard to predict the next 2 months, let alone 12 or 24 months just coming out of the pandemic but I hope to be here, loving doing what I do and hopefully we will have grown and got stronger with it.


I would love to expand the Rest team. Ruth and I always had a dream of expanding our beautiful salon, so here's to the future!


Thank you for reading!


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