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Before and After Waxing

Here's what you can do before and after your waxing appointment that will help us to ensure your  treatment goes smoothly and you get the best results.

  • Grow the hair on your legs to about 10mm long

  • Wash and exfoliate the skin to remove any dead skin and release any ingrown hairs

  • Avoid tight clothing when attending the waxing appointment


  • Keep the waxed area clean and dry

  • Avoid tight clothing 

  • Avoid perfumed products on the waxed area

  • Avoid heat exposure, swimming or exercise for 24 – 48 hours 


Rest Body Scrub

Our natural body scrub is perfect for exfoliating the skin.

A balancing blend of Mandarin and Rose Geranium is mixed with Himalayan Salt, leaving your skin silky smooth.

It smells divine too!

If you have waxing treatments, use this body scrub once a week to avoid in-grown hair. If you are prone to in-grown hair, use twice a week. Leave 2-3 days after waxing before you exfoliate.

Available for purchase at Rest Massage & Beauty £15.

Body Scrub at Rest
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